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GreenRain ET & Weather Based Intelligent Scheduling

Automated Scheduling

Every day, the water requirements for every zone under the control of GreenRain are recalculated based on the day's weather (ET and Rainfall) and actual (not assumed) applied irrigation (known via flow meters).  Then, GreenRain takes into account maximum saturation rates per zone (based primarily on slope and soil type) and creates cycled schedules. The schedules are then highly optimized using an unmatched patented process, and sent to each controller for the day's new irrigation.

  • Weather Data is collected using an array of weather stations.
  • Schedules are calculated using ET derived from modified Penman-Monteith algorithms.
  • Schedules are adjusted based on actual (vs assumed or estimated) irriation.
  • Schedules are adjusted using actual rainfall from Tipping Rain Buckets located on each property.
  • Schedules are highly optimized and sent to the controllers.
Schedule Optimization

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