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GreenRain Reporting

GreenRain offers unparalleled reporting power and flexibility.

No other irrigation product (as far as we know) offers a reporting engine built on a standard reporting tool.  Because GreenRain utilizes Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, unlike the other products, there is no limit to reporting options: unlimited report creation, security features and delivery options.

Example Reports

  • Exception Reports
    • High Flows
    • Low/No Flows
    • Leak Detections
  • Total Water Used
  • Baseline vs. Actual Use
  • Water Applied per Zone Type
  • Actual Flow vs. Scheduled Flow
  • Weather & ET History, vs. Use
  • Weather Events
  • Inventory
  • Zone Overview
  • Maintenance Reports

Reporting Service Power

  • Ad-hoc reporting and report authoring. GreenRain users can utilize Report Builder, an ad-hoc reporting tool to create their own reports and explore data. Report Builder incorporates a user-friendly business query model that enables users to build reports without deep technical understanding of the underlying data sources.

  • Report management. Report definitions, folders, and resources are published and managed as a Web service. Managed reports can be executed either on demand or on a specified schedule, and are cached for consistency and performance.

  • Report delivery. SQL Server Reporting Services supports both on-demand (pull) and event-based (push) delivery of reports. Users can view reports in a Web-based format or in e-mail.

  • Report security. SQL Server Reporting Services implements a flexible, role-based security model to protect reports and reporting resources. The product includes extensible interfaces for integrating other security models as well.