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Unmatched Remote Control

Quite frankly, there's nothing in the market that compares with GreenRain technology for remote irrigation control and management...

Full-on Dashboard Control

Manage hundreds, even thousands of controllers, near real-time, from one dashboard. 

Screen Shots

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 Try this with brand X:

  • Watch a flow meter in Dallas, while you're operating a valve in Orlando. Then switch to a controller in Colorado and open a valve there in seconds. As grandma always said, "Not now, right now."

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  • Create an interactive map as easily as dragging and dropping objects (valves, flow meters, controllers, etc...) onto your map surface.  Then operate. As easy as pie.

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  • Generate reports of all sorts. View them live, or have them automatically emailed to you (or, anyone you like), at whatever frequency you want. True Management!  Details...

  • Automatically create and view highly optimized schedules that compress watering windows by up to 60% and increase DU because of randomization of water start times, in seconds. It's like buying time. Details...

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  • Customize your experience by moving modules around the screen, docking most used features in plain view and hiding those that you need less often.  Layouts can be saved and upon login to the server will follow you to other computers.

  EnlargeA Flexible User Experience

Handheld Mini Remote Control

Operate controllers from anywhere* with a Windows Mobile cell phone.

Windows Mobile
  • On-site, do walk-through schedules with your remote, operate zone valves, watch flow rates near real-time all from your phone / PDA.
  • On-site, control a zone from the zone ... avoid walking to the controller  all from your Windows Mobile cell phone.
  • Off-site, run schedules and operate zones from anywhere (you have a cell signal).
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*Remote control requires cell signal.