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How GreenRain Works

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GreenRain is a server based approach. Where most approaches to irrigation control attempt to put more intelligence on the controller ("smart controllers") we believe real intelligence comes by creating a connection from the controller to a super smart server server. 

What's your controller's Irrigation IQ?

By putting the majority of intelligence on the server, if we want to upgrade the smarts on the controller, all we have to do is upgrade the server. 

  • Intelligence is not stagnant. Our system gets smarter with every upgrade.
  • New features and standards can be implemented across the board.
  • It means in theory, our controllers will never be outdated, outsmarted. 


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Distributed Intelligence / Centralized Control

All GreenRain controllers are constantly connected to the GreenRain Server via any internet connectivity.  As a result, all activity is immediately known on the server allowing the server to immediately respond to exceptions (such as high flows, potential leaks, rain events, etc...). 

This virtual network of controllers is imperative in order to affect system wide changes based on single controller events. For example, if a single mainline has 2 controllers attached, "A" and "B", A controls zones 1-25, and "B" gets the flow data.  If "B" gets high flows while A, Zone 1 is running, the server can alert "A" to turn off zone 1.   

  • Multiple controllers are connected live to the server, allowing immediate responses to events.
  • Events on one controller can trigger events on another.
  • Users see events near real-time on all controllers... no dialing, or making point-to-point connections to a single controller at a time.
  • Simplification of field installations because controllers do not have to be directly linked together in the field.

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Distributed Management

Manage hundreds, even thousands of controllers, near real-time, from one dashboard OR from hundreds of dashboards distributed across the office, the region, state, country or world.  Anywhere you can get either a cell signal (using a Windows Mobile PDA/phone) or internet access, you can gain control to a controller anywhere in the world.

  • Multiple users can operate the SAME or different controllers simultaneously.
  • Multiple users can operate remotely or on site.
  • Multiple users can control, generate reports, manage multiple irrigation sites.
  • No other system in the world is designed with this level of distributed management in mind.

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How GreenRain Compares

  GreenRain Comparison Chart
Feature GreenRainLogo ET Controllers* Centrals*
Environmental Factors used to determine ET 15 5 5
Schedule Automation Real Time,
Automated, precisely calculated per ET.
adjusted by ET
adjusted by ET
Schedule Optimization Real Time, automatic, instant limited, manual, difficult limited, manual, difficult
Remote Operation Near Real-Time (<5 second delay) None to very limited. Polled. One controller at a time.
Multi-User Yes, unlimited interaction. None to Very limited. Very limited.
Multi-mainline, multi-controllers per mainline support Yes. Seemless. None. Yes.
Central Flow Management Yes, Seemless. None. Limited.
Reporting Unlimited, feature rich, subscriptions and automation. None to limited. None to limited.
Auto-Shutdown events (hi-flows, leaks, rain, freeze). Yes. Limited to rain and/or freeze. Yes.
Requires IT Support. No No Yes

* Typical features of representative systems.  Actual features may vary by manufacturer.


*Remote control requires cell signal.